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Monday, April 7, 2014

Could This Be The Future Of Acoustic Tiles?

Baux Acoustic Panels image
One of the things that's way to frequently overlooked in a listening environment is the acoustic properties of the room. As I've outlined in my Studio Builder's Handbook, just about anyone can improve their room without spending a huge amount of money if you're willing to construct some basic wooden frames. That said, here's a company from Sweden that's offering some highly decorative acoustic panels that make it even easier to treat your room and make it look good as well.

Baux makes a variety of what looks like either rockwool or tectum colored panels (they call it woodwool) that are very hip and appear to do a very good job of acoustic control and heat regulation. Another Swedish company called Offecct offers something similar, but with a different design ethic.

The only problem is actually getting these, since they don't seem to be widely distributed outside of Europe at the moment. Here's a brief video on the company and what they have available.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Good acoustics can make a big difference. I've never put up acoustic tiles before, but it would be nice to have more control over that in the piano room. Maybe I'll try the Baux kind mentioned on here. If I can get it outside of Europe, anyway.


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