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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Amazing Pyroboard Visualizes Audio With Fire

Musicians seem fascinated by fire. On stage, we use lighting as a stand-in for it, but you can bet if the fire laws weren't as strict as they are, a lot of shows would be burning more than candles. Here's an example of music and fire taken to the extreme.

This video features what's known as a Rubens Tube 2D "pyro board" that translates audio waves into flame. The basic device was invented in 1905 by German physicist Heinrich Rubens as a way of demonstrating acoustic standing waves.

The pyro board takes the idea to the next level, with the pressure variations of the sound waves affecting the flow rate of the flammable gas, which then affects the height and color of the flames. Pretty cool, especially when music plays at around 3:30.


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