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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Desqueak A Guitar Using iZotope RX4

iZotope RX4 is one of the great tools for postproduction, now a standard for every engineer doing ADR, foley or sound design just about everywhere. It's also very effective in a musical capacity as well, as you'll soon see.

This video by Russ at Pro Tools Expert (which is a great site you should really know about if you use Pro Tools) shows how you can use RX4 to clean up the squeaks from an acoustic guitar track. This is something that drives mixers crazy, but RX4 does a great job of attenuating them so they virtually disappear from the mix. RX4 also works great on electric guitar as well, and there's a video on how to do that as well.



Nichole said...

Bobby, thanks this was helpful.

Seriously, if you have a client who does not want a protools mix or from any other software...,

what is your strategy to eliminate the unwanted squeaks? (Personally, I don't believe that all of the squeaks are a nuisance... but that depends on its tone and the flow of music as it can feel more real... more natural.

Bobby Owsinski said...

Some baby powder on the strings sometimes helps. Older strings usually squeak less too.

Nichole said...

Ok, thank you.


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