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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Boston "More Than A Feeling" Isolated Vocals

Here's a great example of an extraordinary voice as we listen to Brad Delp's isolated vocals on Boston's breakout hit "More Than A Feeling." Although it's pretty commonplace for a singer to do all the vocals on a song now, it wasn't always that way, so you can consider Brad a trailblazer in that regard as he performed all the vocals here. Here's what to listen for.

1. The lead vocals are doubled and they're very close except for the first verse, which is a bit loose. Producer/writer Tom Scholz is a noted stickler for detail so it seems to reason that they was left this way on purpose.

2. The background vocals are doubled and spread left and right so they stay out of the way of the lead vocals and cause a nice wide vocal soundstage.

3. In this video you can also hear the various layers of acoustic guitars, but what's interesting is that the vocal actually doubles the interludes after the choruses. This is pretty well buried in the final mix, but it adds to the sound.

4. Delp's vocal range is incredible, but what I found exceptionally cool is how long he holds the last note of the song at 2:55.


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1 comment:

Rand said...

Thanks for this Bobby. Boston was such a fantastic and special Classic Rock band and a real breath of fresh Radio air when they broke in America. Positive, uplifting, feel good music - 'More Than A Feeling' indeed;-)

Still gives me tingles whenever I listen to that great first album.

Yes, Brad (RIP) was an incredibly gifted and powerful vocalist with a phenomenal range. Tom Scholz said Brad also recorded all their original albums' amazing harmony vocals 'in one take' and actually without any rehearsal.

It's extremely rare to find such talent at any period in modern musical history and simultaneously so perplexing and tragically sad he's gone now, and in the way he left us all who loved him.

Peace of Mind...


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