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Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Music Gear Monday: Eventide Mixing Link

If ever there was a Swiss Army Knife-like tool for the stage or studio, it's the Eventide's Mixing Link. It takes the form of a stompbox and contains a high quality mic amp with 65dB of gain and phantom power, an effects loop, headphone output and numerous signal routing and combination possibilities.

So what is it good for? How about switching a guitar between two amps, switching between two sound sources connected to one amp, or for reamping a signal. It can be used as a stand-alone preamp, a headphone amp for vocal monitoring, or silent guitar playing.

There's also an 1/8th inch 4 conductor jack that allows you to connect to a mobile device where it can act as either IO, or to access an app to mix in some different sounds.

The Mixing Link features a wide variety of IO connectors for such a small box. You'll find XLR ins and outs (the XLR is a combo jack), FX in and out on 1/4 inch jacks, instrument in, Aux in and out (1/8th inch) and an 1/8th inch headphone out jack. Couple this with an input gain, mix control and phones/output level along, with two routing switches and an in/out footswitch, and you have a powerhouse little box. Mixing Link also runs on a 9 volt battery or via a power supply, which you need if you intend to provide phantom power to the microphone input.

The Mixing Link has a street price of $299, and considering its many uses, is worth every penny. For more info, check out Eventide's Mixing Link page.

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