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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rush "Limelight" Isolated Guitar

Here's a cool isolated guitar track from Rush's big hit "Limelight" from their Moving Pictures album, which broke the band as a worldwide act. Guitarist Alex Lifeson used an usual technique for getting his guitar sound by placing two amps inside the studio as usual, plus another two outside so they could capture the sound bouncing off the side of the mountains beside Le Studio near Montreal. Here's what to listen for.

1. There are two distinctly different guitar sounds, with the guitar getting distinctly cleaner for the beginning of the B sections of the song.

2. The guitar sound is a very wide chorused stereo with the right side slightly delayed.

3. The solo is interesting in that most of the sound is up the middle but two different timed delays are panned hard left and right, with the longer one on the left.

4. Many feel that drummer Neil Peart is the ultimate timekeeper, but listen to the great timing in the guitar performance by Lifeson. There's not a note out of place.

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