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Monday, December 8, 2014

The 15 Most Expensive Guitars

#5 on the list of most expensive guitars
I have a good friend who owns a vintage guitar shop who claims that some instruments are more works of art that are worthy of visual appreciation than an actual axe to be played by a musician. Then again, some guitars are considered collectibles, with the beauty being not only in the eye of the beholder, but also in how rare the object is.

That's what makes this list of the 15 most expensive guitars compiled by VH1 especially fascinating. They revolve around scarcity and name recognition more than art or even sound. Here they are:

#15. Leo Fender's original Telecaster prototype - $375,000
#14. George Harrison's custom one-of-a-kind rosewood Telecaster - $435,000
#13. Eric Clapton's 23 carat gold leaf 50th Anniversary Stratocaster - $455,550
#12. Jimi Hendrix' 1966 red Fender Mustang - $480,000
#11. Jimi Hendrix' torched 1965 Strat - $495,000
#10. Eric Clapton's "Brownie" Strat - $497,500
#9. George Harrison's red 1964 Gibson SG - $571,000
#8. Stevie Ray Vaughn's favorite "Lenny" Strat - $623,500
#7. Eric Clapton's 1939 Martin acoustic - $791,000
#6. Eric Clapton's 1964 red Gibson 335 - $847,500
#5. Jerry Garcia custom built "Tiger" guitar - $850,000
#4. Eric Clapton's 1964 "Blackie" Start - $959,500
#3. Keith Richard's 1959 Les Paul Standard - $1,000,000
#2. Jimi Hendrix' white "Woodstock" Strat - $2,000,000
#1. Plain old Strat with lot's of star signatures - $2,700,000

Notice how Fenders dominate the list, as does Hendrix and Clapton-owned instruments? Now you know what to buy your favorite guitar player for Christmas.


Joe Selness said...

I really appreciated what Willie from Willie's American Guitars in St. Paul MN had to say about his visit to the Clapton guitar auction, where most of the guitars on the list most recently sold:

Nichole said...

Oh, my Lord. Amazing how a blues player sitting on some front porch can inspire so many.

Anonymous said...

Probably ought to learn to spell "Jerry" to have any credibility

Anonymous said...

What about Bob Marleys Washburn Falcon, designated a national asset by the Jamaican govt and estimated between $1 and $2 million?


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