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Monday, July 20, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: AKG M90Q Quincy Jones Headphones

Quincy Jones AKG N90Q Headphones image
There are a number of speaker systems, monitor controllers and stand-alone apps that will analyze the listening environment and tune your monitors to it accordingly. This used to be something akin to voodoo but it's so widely and inexpensively available now that we hardly blink an eye.

What is different is the new AKG N90Q by Quincy Jones headphones that feature something called TruNote, that uses the same analysis technology to customize the headphone's to the shape of the wearer's ear. Of course, Q himself was heavily involved with designing these phones, hence the name.

The N90Q is truly a work of engineering. Besides tuning themselves to your ear via a pair of tiny mics in each earcup, they also provide a built-in 96k DAC and a USB port so you can plug in directly to your computer's digital stream and bypass the limited internal DACs for a better sound.

Then there's the fact that they're noise canceling, have bass and treble controls on the left earphone and volume, On-Off, and DSP settings (Normal, Studio, Surround Sound) on the right cup.

The phones carry about an 8 hour charge, and can be rejuiced via the USB connection or via a supplied backup battery called a Powerbank that connects via USB as well, for much more control of the audio than the normal headphone.

The AKG N90Q by Quincy Jones headphones comes with a travel case, travel pouch, Powerbank battery, and various cables and adaptors so that the phones will work in just about any setting. These aren't for everybody however, thanks to the $1,500 price tag, which puts them out of the range of most studios. That said, if you're looking for the best and money is no object, they'll be worth checking out when available in early September.

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