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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Apple Updates Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X 10.2 update with Alchemy synth image
Apple's Logic Pro X is not only one of the best music creation tools available but at $199, it's one of the least expensive as well. Not only that, the company continues to provide free updates that always seem to add something useful, like yesterday's 10.2 update.

The big deal with 10.2 is that it adds Camel Audio's (which Apple purchased earlier this year) Alchemy synth. This is a synth with a wide range of talents, from creating sounds using samples and different kinds of synthesis, to multiple filters and modulation options.

Other than that, Logic Pro X 10.2 provides an easy way to distribute directly to Apple Music and its Connect feature, which was also introduced in a Garage Band update earlier this year.

This can be a big update if you want to load all 14 Gigs of available sound files, but be aware that they tend to lean more on the dance music/EDM side of things, which is great if that's what you need.

Here's a video that takes a look and listen to Alchemy.

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