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Monday, August 24, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Acoustic Power Lab APL1s Speaker EQ

Acoustic Power Lab APL1s Speaker EQ image
Virtually none of us have a perfect listening environment, which means that there are some anomalies of the room that are preventing us from hearing everything we need to hear. Of course, this is even more pronounced in a home studio, where acoustics are many times just an afterthought. If that's the case, the Acoustic Power Lab APL1s loudspeaker equalization solution might be just the thing to help.

The APL1s is a two channel hardware box that provides and custom FIR filtering to your monitors to better integrate them into the listening environment.

The unit supports 48kHz and 96kHz operation and has a built-in sample rate convertor to compensate for a wide range of additional sample rates. The unit also features an ultra-low jitter clock (external sync is also available), and the outputs are protected by a power on/off anti-pop feature. There's also 16 presets available from a selector on the front panel.

There's also a variety of input and output connectors on the back panel, ranging from AES, TOSLINK, coax, or analog via XLR inputs and outputs.

The measurement software is either APL's own APL Workshop or APL TDA EQ, which is an extra cost. The results of the measurements are then loaded into the APL1s via a USB connector on the front panel.

The AES/XLR version of the Acoustic Power Lab APL1s is available for around $700 US, while TDA EQ software for around $365 US. Find out more on the APL website.

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