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Monday, October 26, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Aurora Audio Stinger Mic Preamp/DI

Geoff Tanner's Aurora Audio has been building Neve-like gear for some time, calling upon his years working at Neve itself to not only get the designs true to Rupert's original intent, but to even go beyond.

The company is now shipping one of the more unique products on the market today - the Aurora Audio Stinger Mic Preamp and DI.

The Stinger is truly unique because of it's form factor. It's a channel strip in that it not only features a Neve 1073-style class-A mic preamp and 3 band EQ, but also has a 100 mm fader and 30 LED ladder meter. Add to that a truly unique DI, and you have a product unlike anything else on the market today.

The DI is interesting in that there's actually two of them in the same steel chassis - one that's clean and another that's capable of rich creamy overdrive.

And while on the surface the Stinger seems like a single channel product, both the preamp and DI have their own separate balanced outputs via XLR's as well as 1/4" TRS jacks on the rear panel, so they can be run at the same time. Also unusual in this type of product is the fact that each output has its own ground lift, and the power supply is built right into the solid steel box. No wall wart here!

The Aurora Audio Stinger is priced at a very reasonable $1,595. You can find more info on the Aurora Audio website and the video below.

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