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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jimmy Page On How "Stairway To Heaven" Was Written

Jimmy Page on how "Stairway To Heaven" was written
"Stairway To Heaven" has been a staple of classic rock radio since the song was released in 1972 on Led Zeppelin 4 and for many, it's the song that epitomizes that era of music. Have a listen to Jimmy Page describe the creation of the song to BBC News.

One of the cool things Page describes is how the song intentionally accelerated as it went along, going against the sensibilities of the band's studio musician mindset.

1 comment:

Rand said...

Love Jimmy, Love Zeppelin, but don't love all the unacknowledged and un-credited pilfering of others' material in their early days. Sadly this obviously includes the magnificent 'Stairway'.

Enlighten yourself with the tastefully done Everything Is A Remix (Full Film) on YouTube at


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