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Monday, December 7, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Acme Audio Motown DI

Acme Audio Motown WB-3 DI image
As we all know, direct boxes are not created equally. Buy a cheap one and you'll get a limited bandwidth with not enough bottom end, or a choked high-frequency response. That said, when you find a great DI, you know it right away.

That's why the new Acme Audio Motown WB-3 DI is so interesting. It was patterned as closely as possible on the original DI used by Motown back in the day that not only captured James Jamerson's bass, but many of the guitar sounds on those records as well.

As far as features, it's a pretty basic passive DI, with 2 parallel inputs, a Direct/Attenuator switch that puts the variable attenuator in the circuit, and an XLR output and ground lift on the side.

You're not buying this box for its features, but for it's sound, and the WB-3 has garnered a lot of praise from top hitmakers in a short period of time thanks to the extra low end that this box provides.

The Acme Audio Motown WB-3 DI isn't cheap at $449, but if there's a lot of people more than will to pay a little extra money for the sound it provides.

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