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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bob Lefsetz vs. Gene Simmons

In one of the more hilarious confrontations in a while, industry gadfly Bob Lefsetz takes on Kiss's Gene Simmons in a separate dedicated session in Toronto at the Canadian Music Week conference.

The confrontation resulted from a posting in the Lefsetz newsletter accusing Simmons of a long commercial for his new record label during his keynote address. Simmons responded with an email of his own, basically saying, "Who is this guy? What has he done to dare diss me?"

As if he doesn't know. And if he doesn't, Simmons is too far out of the business to own a record label, since Lefsetz has been in the craw of label heads for about 20 years.

The following video is quite an enjoyable exchange though.


Larry Jones said...

Neither of these guys contribute anything to anything. Who cares about their playground pissing contest?

Bobby Owsinski said...

I agree about Simmons, but Lefsetz is extremely influential has a lot of great ideas about the ever changing music biz.


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