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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prince Experiment's Some More With New Release

Prince is back trying to push the boundaries a bit more with his new 3 disc release, due out on March 29th and exclusively sold at Target.

On March 24th, Prince will launch a new subscription site called lotusflow3r for sales direct to his fan base. For $77 fans will get downloads of the 3 disc set plus exclusive videos, behind the scenes peeks, news, concert info, and chances for tickets to upcoming shows.

Prince has hosted a subscription site before with great success, but he abruptly shut it down about 3 years ago. Although there was never an official explanation, the feeling was that he felt it had run it's course at the time.

Prince has always been on the cutting edge of marketing as well as music and it should prove interesting to see how this new arrangement will work out. Of course, it all depends on how good the music is, a point frequently overlooked by everyone but the fans.

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