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Friday, March 20, 2009

Jack White's New Business Model?

White Stripes and Raconteurs guitarist and frontman Jack White is trying something new in terms of Music 3.0 business models. White is launching 3rd Man Records, which in itself is nothing new, but its headquarters will also house a retail record store, photo studio and performance stage.

The idea is sort of based on the old Motown model with a twist.

Says White,
If one of the bands working here says, 'Jack, there's a great band that played at the End on Friday night, you should check these guys out,' Saturday morning, they can come to Third Man Studios and we can cut a couple of songs. They can come back to the photo studio and we can take a photo of them. We can cut the acetate and run it down the block, and within three weeks, we can have a thousand copies of a 45 that they can sell at shows
Jack's idea is a little bit too old school for Music 3.0, but we'll see how well it works. At this point of the music business, anything new can't be bad.

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