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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Released - The Music Producer's Handbook

My new book, The Music Producer's Handbook, has just been released and should be available in stores and online now. The book is different from other production books in that it goes into great detail on one of the major duties of a producer - what to do when something just doesn't sound right.

Of course, everything else that goes into being a producer is covered as well, from getting to be a producer in the first place, to managing budgets, getting the most out of musicians and vocalists, the different types of productions and how much money you can make.

Like all of my books, interviews with top producers from different musical genres fill out Part 2, including Mark Bright (who had a #1 record with Reba McEntire at the time of the interview), Jack Douglas, Michael Beinhorn and more.

Next week I'll post some excerpts from the book, but you can read a couple of them now at the Music Producer's Handbook page on my website. You can also purchase the Music Producer's Handbook from Amazon.

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joes said...

on it's way to belgium!


ENIG MUE said...



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