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Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Up Around The Bend" - Creedence Isolated Guitar And Bass

It seems like these isolated track posts are really popular so I'll keep on the running them every Monday and Tuesday (and the Wednesday) until I run out of them.

Today we take a look at the isolated guitar and bass tracks from Creedence Clearwater Revival's 60's hit "Up Around The Bend" from their Cosmos Factory LP.

First up are the guitars of brothers John and Tom Fogarty. John's electric rhythm guitar is on the left while Tom's acoustic is on the right with the lead guitar in the middle. Here are some things to listen for.

1) The two rhythm guitars fight a little during the first half of the song but eventually lock in around the 2nd chorus.

2) Listen to how the rhythm guitars disappear during Rickenbacker guitar solo starting at 1:43. As we'll hear tomorrow, it seems like the rhythm guitars were bounced to an open space of a vocal track to open up a track for the solo as were the fills during the next verse and the ending.

3) There are a few timing issues with the lead, especially at the end. Nothing big but certainly that we'd fix today with another take or a couple moves in the DAW.

OK, let's listen to the Doug Clifford's bass guitar.

1) The bass track is a little shaky time-wise, especially in the beginning of the song, but you never notice it in the track. It's something that we'd fix today if we had the chance though.

2) The sound of the bass has an interesting distorted edge to it, thanks to the amp. Going direct wasn't something that happened all that much back then.

3) There's a missed note at about 1:56 and 2:31, something we'd never let go today.

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Georg E. said...

Love these isolated tracks. Interesting for someone at any level of the production process. Though I'm a much bigger fan of these "oldies" than most modern rock, I'd love to hear some isolated tracks from songs done in the last 4 or 5 years. With unlimited tracks and nearly unlimited editing/processing capabilities, it might be interesting. (Then again, it might be just as boring as most modern rock tracks!!) :-)

Bobby Owsinski said...

I agree, George. I'd like to hear some tracks that are more modern too, but I can only use what's available and it seems to be all the older stuff.

A couple weeks ago I profiled some Green Day tracks which were pretty new, as were the Chili Peppers from last week.

mM said...

Those isolated tracks are a treasure, keep them coming :-)

I still like CCR, but even a hardcore fan should be honest enough to confess that between them only John Fogerty was a bit more than a mere garage band musician; and you don't need the isolated tracks to notice that. Still they hit a nerve, maybe not in spite but because of all imperfectness.

That said, I think if someone would clean CCR tracks from imperfectness with any magic modern production environment offers they'd be soulless.
I haven't heard a single 'remastered' record/CD which successfully kept the spirit of the original. This includes 'remastered by artists themselves' like Yellow Submarine et al.


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