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Monday, June 14, 2010

"Up Around The Bend" - Creedence Isolated Vocals And Drums

Staying with our Creedence Clearwater Revival theme, here are the isolated vocals and drums from their 60's hit "Up Around The Bend" from their Cosmos Factory album.

First, here are some things to listen to in the vocal.

1) Wow, there's a lot of reverb on there, yet you never hear it when the vocal is mixed in the track because it's pretty much timed to the track. That means that the reverb decay dies by the beginning of the next snare drum hit on 2 or 4. There's also a pre-delay on the verb that you can hear on the handclaps.

2) Like most reverb from that time period, the low and high frequencies are rolled off so you hear a lot of mids. Doesn't sound that good by itself but works in the track.

3) The vocal is a little pitchy, especially at the ends of phrases.

4) The harmony vocals on the choruses are really good, but you can tell the parts that John Fogarty is singing with himself because the releases are exactly in time, while the others are not.

5) Listen to the handclaps in the 2nd verse. Never heard those before.

6) Listen how the guitars occupy some of the blank spaces of the vocal tracks where we heard them drop out on the previous guitar tracks. I suspect this was done on an 8 track machine so it didn't take much for them to run out of tracks.

The drum track to this song is interesting in that:

1) You can tell that the miking was very minimal (it almost sounds like only one) but it certainly works in the track.

2) The fills are a bit rushed and uneven, but that's a problem that a lot of drummers have.

3) The time is very steady and drummer Doug Clifford is fairly disciplined in sticking with a pattern, though he does vary a little at times.

4) There seems to be an edit at the very end of the song. If it's not, it's a really uncomfortable fill.

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