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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Led Zeppelin Plagiarism Video

Here's an interesting video that exposes some of the outright plagiarism used by Led Zeppelin on their groundbreaking first album. I don't won't to keep talking about music that happened 40+ years ago, but it's worth making the point that it's unlikely that something similar would ever happen today.

Back in the 60's, 70's, and even in the 80's, publishing was something extremely mysterious to the average musician as well as just about everybody else in the business except the publishers. It was pretty easy to get away with lifting a riff here, a melody there, without getting your hand caught in the cookie jar. Today, everyone is hip to the amount of money that can be made in publishing, and every entertainment attorney is very well-versed in all of its facets.

That being said, take a look at the video and listen to the examples of riffs and songs that Zep pinched.

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Anonymous said...

All bands were doing this back in the day. It just happened that Page was a master producer and Plant was an unbelievable singer. Because they actually became successful, people like yourselves wonder why.
You can tell in Pages production techniques, that their sound was something new and fresh, bright, and better than everyone during that time.
Their only mistake was not giving credit where credit was due.

Bobby Owsinski said...

Actually, I never wondered why they were successful. I loved that first album and still do, and I understand how all artists borrow from others.

There were a few things that might've been over the line here, as the video shows.

Stevie Z said...

I agree that all bands/songwriters borrow, whether conciously or not, and I also believe that a great band/artist will wear it's influences on it's sleeve to the point where ofter you can hear them quite easily.
Credit where credit is due, however, is the proper way to do it. HOWEVER; for Zepplin to do this, and then actually DENY they did it is the worst insult to the people that Jimmy Page was influenced by.

Anonymous said...
Fishsticks episode of South Park. Look no further for answers.


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