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Monday, June 7, 2010

Michael Jackson's "Beat It" - Isolated Guitar and Bass

Today we'll look at the the isolated bass and guitars (mostly guitars) from Michael Jackson's 1982 hit Beat It. Let's dive right in.

1) There are 3 players that you hear; Steve Lukather plays the dirty rhythm parts and lead lines in the chorus and the bass (heard here on in the first verse), Paul Jackson Jr. plays the clean rhythm parts, and Eddie Van Halen plays the solo.

2) Most of the guitar parts are doubled. Take notice that they're not exact doubles though; one side is a bit busier than the other most of the time (always a good production practice).

3) Eddie Van Halen's solo at 2:42 is interesting because his guitar track is on the right side while the effects (delay and reverb) are on the right. Credit producer Quincy Jones and engineer Bruce Swedien for coping the sound of early Van Halen records on this solo. They wanted Eddie to play like himself and the best way was to give him the sound that he was used to.

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