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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Iggy Pop's Contract Rider

Here's one of the truly great contract riders in music history from Iggy Pop. A "rider" is an addendum to a contract between an artist and a venue.  It spells out all of the technical requirements for the act (number of mics required, monitor mixes needed, lights, stage plot, etc.), as well as the hospitality items that the act expects (number of dressing rooms, beverages and food in the dressing room, etc.)

Most riders are pretty cut and dried and straightforward, some are outrageous in their demands, and a few are hilarious. This is one of the more hilarious ones, but it spells out Iggy's requirements precisely and forcefully as well.

Here's a bit of the text below, but it's about 7 pages long so there's not enough room to include it here. It's a great read though, so click on the link to read Iggy Pop's rider.

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1 comment:

mM said...

the original one from Jos Grain is BTW still here
I haven't compared excessively, it may have variation in detail, but not in tone ;-)


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