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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oasis "Wonderwall" - Isolated Drums And Bass

Once again from Oasis' Morning Glory album that sold 20 million copies, we'll have a look at the isolated drum and bass parts from the hit "Wonderwall." Here's what to listen for:

1) It sounds like there's no artificial ambience on the drum track and what you hear is all the room.

2) This is a really great drum track, well played by Alan White, especially the ghost notes on the snare. It's surprisingly busy for a mostly acoustic song, but oh, so very funky.

3) The sound isn't that great. Actually, it sounds like it's just a room mic as there are a lot of cymbals heard here, but it's  not that far from the final sound on the recording.

Here's the bass part for "Wonderwall."
1) It's very surprising how distorted the bass sound is.

2) Bass player, Paul McGuigan, gives a well played and solid performance that changes in intensity in conjunction with acoustic guitar (which we reviewed yesterday). There are very slight tempo flubs at 2:00, 2:22, 2:36, 2:49, and the outro is a bit shaky though.

3) This is a pretty well recorded track but you do hear the compressor snap occasionally on some transients. As with most of the imperfections that I pick out, you never hear it in the track.

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1 comment:

marcus dutra said...

And there's a lot of mixing room bleed (that's what I think, but could be headphone bleed too) on the bass track, and a lot more errors in tempo.

But, again, it makes up for an awesome song. A good song isn't always perfect!


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