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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oasis "Wonderwall" - Isolated Vocal

It's Monday again, so let's get to the song of the week to be analyzed. A big hit for the British band Oasis in 1996, "Wonderwall" proved to be the song that broke them big in America and Australia. The song was supposedly fully recorded in a single 6 to 8 session, and was off the Morning Glory album, which went on to sell a reported 20 million copies! Here are some things to listen for:

1) Quite a good vocal by Liam Gallagher, it's very consistent throughout both performance-wise and level-wise. You don't hear any punches or differences in the vocals, exactly the traits of a good engineering job.

2) The reverb is really long with a modulated tail, which is a trait of a Lexicon 480, and a little delay.

3) There are some breaths left in, probably because the song was recorded on tape and spot-erasing was too chancy, since you could also erase a part of the vocal as well. Today, we'd probably take those out during editing.

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