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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

George Massenburg Demonstrates His Compessor

Here's a great video of audio great George Massenburg demonstrating his GML 8900 compressor. The best thing about this video is that he shows a good way to dial in just about any compressor, not just his. Once again, George hits it out of the park. A great audio engineer and inventor as well.

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Craig said...

Thanks Bobby!

I think this video illustrates an element of what we've lost with the decline of the studio system.

After learning a lot of my engineering skills from books, the internet and experimentation, I would absolutely kill for small tutorial sessions with guys like George.

It sure shows how valuable it can be to find someone who can pass on knowledge and help to keep the industry alive... like you!

Is the --EQ/Compressor/EQ-- signal chain pretty common?

Anonymous said...

His best advice came at the end, when showing how to shelve off some of the "woofy" sound on the low end before it hits the compressor. Otherwise, your compressor will be triggered by those frequencies as opposed to the mids, etc. which is where you're really trying to work.

Bobby Owsinski said...


No, George's EQ/Comp/EQ order isn't that common, and you have to use his advice at the end about rolling off the low end to make it work. Usually the order is compressor-->EQ.


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