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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sony To Release Sound Forge On Mac Platform

For years thousands of PC users have raved about Sound Forge in terms of its sound and ease of use. In pro circles, Digidesign's Pro Tools has reined supreme on the Mac, but since its purchase by media giant Avid, the outlook for the DAW is beginning to seem a bit shaky, as Avid's stock price plummets and long time employees bail.

Perhaps seeing an opening in the market, Sony has finally decided to port Sound Forge Pro to the Mac platform. Rewritten and rethought, it looks slick, and although I don't think that it will initially get hard-core pro users to switch, just being a viable alternative in waiting to Pro Tools if something dire should happen should be a comfort to many users, and an opportunity waiting to happen for Sony.

Here's a short introductory video about Sound Forge Mac. What do you think?


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CC said...

Does anyone know how to address SoundForge's latency issue while trying to monitor a recording? The old version let you listen to a vocal track on headphones as it was being made. The new version doesn't, or hasn't, in my experience.

Kord Taylor said...

Yes, that can be part of it and also just part of swimming in today's media creation app sea. Avid, Adobe, etc have to at least consider that Mac as it's still the preferred platform for the top 1/3rd of the marketing triangle in audio and video (3D and high end fx are pc/Linux). That added to the fact that the Mac % of the overall market has grown makes it tough to not do it.

Actually the biggest reason for this product od the withering of Bias, the only widely marketed pro stereo editor on the Mac (which was never multi platform). Audiophile Engineering will also slot more into this space. The question for me is how many folks crave that and at what point does that just become part of the Daw (similar to Studio One).
I think the big Q for Sony is whether they want their apps to generate sustaining revenue by themselves or be exclusive value adds to their hardware. If that is the goal I would look at a future Sony Linux variant that runs their. tools. Sorry about the "TMI", but I love this stuff like you do. :)


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