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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Four Tops "Bernadette" Isolated Tracks

I may have posted this before, but it's so cool that it's worth posting again. Here's a great video that shows off the virtuosity of Motown bassist James Jamerson on The Four Tops 60's hit "Bernadette." For most of the song you hear just Jamerson's bass, then the other parts of the song are gradually brought in, then muted.

Jamerson was truly one of a kind in that he didn't actually play a part as much as he played a groove. He's incredibly solid time-wise even within a flurry of pickup notes, and has style that's uniquely his. In fact, what's so cool is that he's given free reign within the arrangement to play what he pretty much as he wishes while the guitars and piano hold down the rhythm.

Also keep in mind that everything you hear was done on 8 track!


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Anonymous said...

I never tire of listening to this track!! Honestly, I end up listening to Jamerson's solo bass track more often than the full band version.

Ms. Clark said...

That bass is like the "bizness". Thanks for sharing this. I just found your blog while looking for info on autotune and live performances...don't want to be a vocalist relying on autotune for live shows, but anyway, I stumbled upon your blog, and love it! Will be "tuning" in from now on.


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