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Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Music Gear Monday: The Apogee Quartet

I've decided to rename "New Musical Instrument Monday" to "New Music Gear Monday" since so much of what's cool and new has to do with audio as much as musical instruments.

This week we'll look at the new Apogee Quartet, a 4 input, 8 output audio interface for your DAW. Apogee's always been known for making great sounding gear, so it's exciting when they introduce something new. While I'm sure it does indeed sound terrific (I haven't tried it out yet), what I really like about it is that it also acts as a "control center," with an extra large knob that can be used for controlling your monitor volume. Anyone who owns a home studio knows that not having this ability is one of the more irritating things about working on a DAW.

The Quartet uses USB to interface with the computer, works at a resolution of 192kHz/24 bit, and has 4 mic preamps (which should be plenty for most home studio applications if you're not tracking a band). It looks like the list price is around $1300 or so. Plus, the design is very Apple-like, so it should fit in very well on your desktop, if the visual look of your workspace is an issue. Check out the video.


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