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Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Music Gear Monday: The AirTurn Digit iOS Controller

iPads have quietly changed most musician's lives. It's hard to see a stage anyone without at least one for reading music, charts, lyrics, cues or set lists. The problem is that changing the page on an iPad is similar, too similar in fact, to turning the pages of a book. It still requires you to reach out and swipe. Wouldn't it be great to be able to change the page with just a footswitch?

Now you can with the AirTurn Digit, a new Bluetooth controller that works with your iPad, but your iPhone or Android phone too. In fact, Digit can be used to control a number of Bluetooth enabled devices like cameras, Macs and PCs (depending upon the app).

You can use it as a handheld controller, or plug two pedals into it and turn your pages back and forth or up and down. I think this could be really cool for a club band to control effects or lights as well as the above mentioned applications, and although I don't see any applicable apps on their site at the moment, you have to think that this will happen over time.

The AirTurn Digit sells for $79.95, and the BT two pedal setup sells for $129.95. A four pedal version is also available.

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