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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand" Isolated Rhythm Track

Here's another interesting isolated track video, this time it's the song that broke The Beatles in the United States nearly 50 years ago - "I Want To Hold Your Hand." What you'll hear is the band's rhythm section of John Lennon's rhythm guitar, Ringo Starr's drums and Paul McCartney's bass.

These parts were all recorded onto a single track of a 4 track tape recorder, which was quite an innovation back then. As a matter of fact, "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was the very first song the band recorded on a 4 track, having done their previous recordings on 2 track machines. Listen for:

1. How tight the band is. You can tell they did their 10,000 hours before they hit the studio.

2. How Lennon's rhythm guitar pushes the song along. This is the perfect example of the rhythm element and how it works in to propel a song.

3. How good the track feels, especially during the bridges. Ringo's playing has always been extremely under appreciated.

4. How bright the snare and hat is, but it works great in context when the other tracks are added.


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Anonymous said...

Drums sound tight indeed, but the guitar track ain't no big deal, specially considering that, as you say, they did their 10,000 hours before recording. Beatles were great making hits, but some people overrate them as musicians... I can tell tons of better example from Afro-american poor folks who could play this kind of stuff better, with less budget ,10 or 20 years before Lennon and the Beatles did.

Jamari França said...

incredible pulsation, Ringo didn't have the 10 thousand hours, at least not in this band, but he plays as if he did.How Martin used the 4 channels, would it be one for basic track, one for solo and two for voices. I guess didnt need any reductions, did it. A hello from Brasil Jamari Franca

Jamari França said...
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