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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

AES Show New Gear Wrap Up - Part 3

Here we are at the last of the AES Show wrap up reports. Today I'll look at outboard gear and miscellaneous cool stuff that defies a category. First up, outboard gear.

dbx show its 676 tube channel. It's a really good looking box with a tube mic pre, a 3 band parametric EQ and 162 compressor built in. The price is a reasonable $999.

Pulse Techniques has brought back the entire Pultec line. If you always wanted to own a particular Pultec piece but didn't want to pay the vintage prices, here's a way to get a brand new one. Pulse Techniques claims these are all built to the original design specs. Prices go from $2500 to around $4500.

One of the more unusual 500 Series line of products comes from the Awesome Transistor Amplifier Company. The pieces have a very unique graphic design, have are all discrete circuitry and use very high quality parts. You get the normal mic amp, EQ and compressor, but also a pretty cool way to turn it into a mixer with an external mixing controller.

If you ever wanted to record a live show without dragging a full DAW with you, the Cymatic Audio Live Recorder is the answer. There are two models - the 16 track LR 16 that retails for $399 (a playback only version is also available) and the 24 track uTrack 24, which is a recorder/player and sells for $999.

I'm a huge fan of Hearback and own one of their personal monitoring systems. Now the company has introduced the Hearback Pro which provides 16 channels with individual level controls, as well as an intercom to talk to various stations, aux, pan, presets and even a lockout to keep that mix from being changed.

Radial is fantastic company that always has some new tool that solves a problem. At AES they introduced the Headload, which is an amplifier attenuator with a few twists. The box has tunable resonance, speaker cabinet voicing, a DI out and even a phase shift control. Of course, there's also a headphone out for late night rocking out in your bedroom.

Nagra was once the king of field recording and its trying to get back to where it once was with the introduction of a number of hand-held recorders that range from $975 on down. There are three models, the SD with its built-in high-quality mic, the mid-priced Lino and the Pico. These are built like tanks (like other Nagras actually) and definitely a step up from most others on the market.

Finally, I've written about this before, but Triad-Orbit stands are just the bomb! Finally, the mic stand re-envisioned. These are built to last a lifetime and have more small great ideas that a mere mic stand should have. The company has been building auto parts for a long time and this is a sideline, so they're not going away anytime soon. Definitely worth checking out.

That's it. I'm sure I missed a few things, but these are the highlights that caught my eye.


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