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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Roger Linn's New LinnStrument

Roger Linn, the creator of some of the modern drum machine with the LinnDrum and later the MPC60, is at it again. Roger has developed a brand new instrument that is as much a human instrument as it is electronic with his new LinnStrument.

A few years ago Roger was awarded a Technical Grammy for his lifetime achievement in truly groundbreaking designs, and he's trying to revolutionize the industry once again with his new instrument as much as  the LinnDrum did back in 1982.

The LinnStrument goes beyond what a typical synth keyboard can do in that it's touch sensitive, so if you wiggle your finger you'll get vibrato, and slide it along the unit you'll get a nice portamento.

The "keyboard" splits so both hands can play different instruments or loops, and it's designed along a grid system rather than piano-style for easy transposition.

The LinnStrument is slated for release at any time and should cost around $1500. You can find more information and a number of great videos here.


1 comment:

cthulhu said...

Hmmm...playing position looks very much like a Chapman Stick, except the hands aren't crossing over.


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