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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Beatles "Octopus's Garden" Isolated Vocals

It's time for a look inside another classic hit. This time it's the isolated vocals from The Beatle's masterpiece album Abbey Road with the Ringo centerpiece "Octopus's Garden." Let's take a close look at the vocals. The quality isn't that great (it sounds like it's the isolated center channel derived from a vinyl record), but you still get the idea.

1. Ringo has an interesting vocal trait in that the end of each phrase is always a little flat.

2. The vocals are bone dry.

3. Listen to the vocal double on the B-section. It's not very closely matched, but still does the job.

4. The harmony background part during the bridge has a strong vibrato on it, and you can really hear the bubble sound effect.

5. The Beatles harmony vocals were always top-notch, as they are here in the chorus. They sound like they were double tracked.


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