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Monday, April 6, 2015

New Music Gear Monday: Randall Guitar Amp Isolation Box

Here's something that isn't exactly new, but it's escaped my attention until now. In the studio or on stage, guitar amps have long been a big problem when it comes to leakage (especially in small home studios).

You can successfully build your own amplifier isolation box (as outlined here in an older post), but now you can also buy one pre-made from a manufacture who already makes guitar cabinets. Randall Amplifiers makes not one, but two different models.

Randall ISO12C image
The first is a simple 1 x 12 called the ISO12C, which features an 8 ohm Celestion Vintage 30 12 inch speaker facing up towards the lid. There's a mic stand attachment, but it's up to you to supply the holder and mic.

Randall Isolation 412 image
The second one is the Isolation 412, which looks like a typical 4 x 12 Marshall-style cabinet, except it has a single isolated Celestion Vintage 30 and a mount for a short mic stand inside. This is the perfect cabinet for improving your isolation on stage.

As with all isolation cabinets, the sound isn't totally quiet as there's still some leakage, but it's decreased a great deal. Also keep in mind that iso cabs do change the sound. You're recording in a box so it tends to sound a little boxy as a result. That said, the tradeoff for a lot less leakage and neighbor complaints might be well worth it.

The Randall ISO12C retails for $399 and the Isolation 412 for $599. Keep in mind that you still have to supply the mic and holder. You can find more information on the Randall site.

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