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Thursday, March 3, 2016

More Restructuring From Avid

Pro Tools Off-Shore Tech SupportIt looks like Avid is at it again, announcing more corporate restructuring, according to Broadcast Tech. The company announced to investors earlier this week that it would be either closing or downsizing "redundant" offices in a move that's expected to save around $68 million.

For instance, rumor has it that all tech support would be moved from the U.S. to a newly opened office in Manila. The company also recently opened offices in Poland and Taiwan as well.

Avid also announced that it secured a "five year $105 million senior secured credit facility" that replaces it's $35 million revolving line of credit.

About the best thing you can say about all this is that it looks like Avid will survive for a few more years, so our Pro Tools subscriptions will be safe.

None of this is designed to play well with its customers however, who grow more disgruntled by the day. And each day all of Pro Tools many competitors look better and better.


Anonymous said...

So, all tech support would be moved from the U.S. to Manila, would it..
That doesn't sound too reassuring, does it.


Unknown said...

I have seen a few big movies this year that were using Adobe Premiere entirely for video editing (Deadpool being one). Not a good sign for that side of their business either.


Eduardo said...

I understand the need to cut costs where possible - especially if they impact on profits. But in this case I doubt they really were. It seems that the cost Avid isn't too happy about is their actual client base - too concerned with pleasing investors.

So, what would you regard as the best alternative to Pro Tools then Bobby?

Logic has some great features - but recording and editing audio is far from being one of its strengths. Studio One? Cubase?




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